I’m an Interior Designer happily married to a tech cum gadget-aholic who enjoys good food. We live in the United Arab Emirates which has and will always be home to me. Between food and him, there’s never been a dull moment in life. Another passion we have in common is photography. We have a little boy who I have fondly termed as Cookie Monster. Together, we’re having a fabulous time cooking, eating out, eating in and eating everywhere on this planet.

This food blog is a project to chronicle all the great eats I’ve tried, tested and tasted in my kitchen. It is a personal record of recipes I’ve read and learnt from family and the fantastic community of food bloggers out there. When I’m too old to chew or remember and have lost my sense of taste, through this blog I’ll be able to relive my life with him, family and friends alongside our food.

I have a sweet-tooth that is insatiable. This should explain why you’ll find more desserts than mains but that’s something I’m slowly correcting.

I restrict myself to the tried and tested when it comes to food. Hopefully, my blog will encourage me to be experimental, unless my food used to crawl.

Feel free to drop a line.

Have  a good food day  🙂